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What we'll cover in your free audit

Turn payments into a competitive advantage

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Explore your goals and payment use-cases

We will explore the different ways payments are used in your business and explain how different payment types can help to improve customer experience.


Identify opportunities for scale through integrations

We will identify the different opportunities to integrate innovative payment solutions to help your business scale and streamline processes.


Using automation to drive efficiency

Our specialists will share practical ideas to use payments automation to remove manual inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your processes.

Helping you unlock benefits across industries and business functions


Software Vendors

Unlock the hidden growth opportunities payments and accounts automation provides software products or services. Explore how integration into your existing solution could increase retention and deliver a better customer experience.



If you're responsible for a finance or tech function, this audit will explore ways to simplify payment related processes, reduce errors from manual tasks and offer up ideas to build efficiencies across your business.


FinTech Platforms

For owners of FinTech platforms, the audit will explore licensing requirements, determine ways to integrate payments technology into your products to scale operations, and identify opportunities to supercharge your growth.

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About Modulr

Moving money to power business productivity

We’re building the new digital payment service to make money flow more efficiently through businesses and the economy.

We're the digital platform removing the need to use your bank for bank accounts and payments. We automate your payment flows, embed payments within your platform, and enable you to build new payment products and services. All from one API.

Trusted to move billions by 100+ businesses

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Around the clock access to a real-time payments infrastructure is key to building any financial service.

Nik Storonsky CEO and founder

Modulr's API is a scalable, automated way of paying people, which allows us to be cost efficient, otherwise we'd need a much larger finance team.

Adrian Murdock Co-founder

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In this free 30 minute audit, we'll review how you use payments in your business and identify opportunities to use automation to improve processes and drive efficiency.