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Is your payroll IR35-ready? Sync or sink, you decide

  • 3-step guide to getting IR-35 ready and reducing payroll inefficiencies
  • Over 250 CEOs and business leaders interviewed and surveyed
  • Independent study conducted by research firm Loud-house and think tank TechPros

A major research study reveals how business leaders in employment and payroll services, and beyond, are gaining a competitive edge by shoring up their payroll efficiency now, ahead of IR35, to eliminate hidden costs.

This report combines the research study findings, along with the commentary and recommendations of business leaders in employment and payroll services.

You will have the insight you need to ensure that you are well-placed to not only ride the tide of IR35, but to take full advantage of the considerable opportunity it brings.   

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Insights from 250+ CEOs and business leaders


James Milligan 
Hays, Global Head of Technology

There are multiple areas where we can drive efficiency – accounts payable, payroll, billing. All of those areas can be quite onerous and labour intensive. And if you can automate processes in those areas, then you can look at delivering value, rather than just delivering the process itself.” 

The data is in... 3 statistics you need to pay attention to

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Payment processes incur both hard and hidden inefficiencies  

The biggest hard cost attached to payments, as reported by 39% of all payment professionals surveyed, was incurred by the hours spent on manual processes.

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Running an inefficient payroll is costing you more than you think

65% of employment services companies agree that the hidden costs of payment inefficiency outweigh the hard costs of payment processes and these relate to business agility, customer, employee and supplier experience and revenue growth.    

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The time is now. Sync or sink, you decide

With 43% of employment services companies in the study strategically focussed on growth in current markets, IR35 legislative changes present an opportunity to meet this objective, but only if they are operationally ready to do so. 

Hear from industry leaders on the 3 steps to take to respond to IR35 threats and opportunities


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Kevin Bulmer - Interviewee

Chief Technology and Transformation Officer, Robert Walters

The whole ERP transformation that we’re doing is very much to make sure that processes through finance work as efficiently as possible. That includes spitting out the right payments at the right times, making sure that the purchase order process is automated and easy to use, and also mobile. So you are not relying on people having to be in the office.

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