Save hours by automating payroll and payments

At Modulr, we use Faster Payments, not Bacs. So, payments clear in 90 seconds rather than three days.


Save time, maximise efficiency

Authorise payments on the go and automate reconciliation. And payments clear in 90 seconds, 24/7


Eliminate costly payroll errors

Pay the right amount on time, every time – without having to double check the payment file.


Reduce payroll and payment overheads

Streamline the way your team manages client workflows, and make payments a premium service for your clients


Competitive client service

We integrate with BrightPay, IRIS and Sage, so you can support your clients no matter which software they use

Make payroll and payments processing faster and more secure


Watch our video to:

  • Learn some of the challenges accountants face when manually processing payments, and  how Modulr's Payments Dashboard can eliminate them​
  • Get a tour of the Dashboard – see how easy it is to use, and find out about our secure approval and authentication process

Leverage the power of
time-saving technology


Nowadays, accountancy is far more than just a numbers game. Accountants need the right tools to add value to their services and stay competitive. But rolling out new tech can be daunting.

Our guide details the four steps to  successfully implementing tech into your practice, and how to take your business further as a result.

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Find out if you could cut payroll processing time by 80%

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With Modulr, our customers are breaking free from manual payments processing. Want to know how many hours you could save with payments automation? Our calculator generates results instantly.


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“For a 40 or 50 employee payment cycle it would take around five hours to process payroll. With Modulr, the integration is so slick – we’ve got payroll processing down to just 45 minutes from receiving details to making payments”

Robbie Erskine
Gateway Accountancy Services Ltd.

Modulr in partnership with your favourite accounting software

Modulr is bringing new meaning to the word ‘efficiency’ for companies and the accountants who support them. By automating client payment workflows, you’ll reclaim hours of your day to spend on improving your business. It’s a time-saving transformation.

And it’ll work no matter which accounting software you use. We’re the platform behind Sage Salary and Supplier payments, IRIS and BrightPay. Over 10,000 businesses use our technology to move billions of pounds.

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